Jumper takes on Miami:


His dazzling new Celestial

series premieres for Red Dot +

Spectrum Miami 2021


By Daniel E. Zamora

Jumper Maybach is packed and ready to BOUNCE!

Jumper Maybach reclines in his studio after several frenzied weeks of preparation for Red Dot + Spectrum Miami 2021, taking place from December 1st - 5th. In these moments he reflects on his path on what inspired his newest body of work "The Celestial series", which will be making its world debut at the art fair.

"This past couple of years have been challenging in many ways that no one could have predicted - so many hardships in all aspects of life," he begins thoughtfully. "It was tough to experience and tough to see so many people in our local and global communities who were desperate and suffering. It was hard to know what to do - especially at first. Later, as the world began to adjust a little more, we began to see a new communities forming. People were emerging and seeking connection in unprecedented ways. It was clear that we were absolutely going to be there for each other and do whatever need to be done to get through this together. I saw this on so many different levels - from friends and family, the folks in our neighborhoods, from the art community, the medical community, from academia, and on and on. It was magnificent!

As we celebrated triumphs and mourned our losses, I saw and experienced the strength and preciousness of the human spirit. This is what inspired me to create my newest series. It's a celebration of  ALL of US! When we connect, we are more brilliant together. We are truly awe-inspiring and CELESTIAL!" 



Shine on Jumper!!


While Jumper's Celestial series will be premiering at Red Dot + Spectrum Miami 2021, it is currently available to view on our website: https://jumpermaybach.com/pages/artworks

If you are in Miami, please visit us - we would LOVE to see you!

link for ticketshttps://bit.ly/RDM-SMIA21-COLLECTOR