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Haunted, 2020 by Daniel E. Zamora


Haunted, 2020

Inspired by the Young Adult Literature the artist devoured growing up - spooky, paranormal, and anything scary!

"All alone at the midnight hour, the power has gone out, and - what was that noise?"

"Artography" - illustrative photography from original portrait work by the artist.

High resolution print created with archival pigment on acid free, heavyweight cotton blend, satin finish, archival photography paper.

This work is part of a limited edition set.

20 1/4 in × 36 in

51.4 × 91.4 cm

Each fine art print is produced by order on demand.  Please allow up to 3-4 weeks before shipment.

  • Haunted, 2020 by Daniel E. Zamora.
  • Haunted, 2020 by Daniel E. Zamora.
Anything scary!

Daniel E. Zamora developed his unique visual storytelling portrait style through skills in interdisciplinary media, art, and photography. His past vocation as a National Makeup Artist for the Esteé Lauder Corp. clearly informs his art process and his alluring, sensuous pieces focus on the male subject. This style of Zamora's lends itself to homoerotic futurism and conveys a beckoning, provocative energy. Inspired by the fairy tales and adventure books of youth, themes vary from the fantastic to the eerie and mysterious, often depicting potent moments rich with wonder and possibility.


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