Collection: Hanniel Levenson

Hanniel Levenson Biography


Hanniel (pronounced HoneyEL) is an artist, designer, and Rabbi.


My practice is an integral holistic approach to spirituality.


The world is my Sanctuary, and the core practices that bring meaning into my life are meditation, yoga, chanting, surfing, sacred art, study, and service. These practices are accessible to all walks of life, faith, and belief.


Through a renewed ritual architecture, I seek to celebrate life with an expansive understanding of Judaism and the world's wisdom traditions.


Born in Haifa, and raised in New York City, Hanniel is a Rabbi, artist, designer, acrobat, surfer, and yoga teacher.


Hanniel received a B.A. in Religion & Art from New York University, a Master of Science in Environmental Policy from Bard College, and Rabbinical Ordination from The Academy for Jewish Religion.


As a multimedia artist Hanniel draws inspiration from mystical texts, the world’s wisdom traditions and the natural environment.


Sacred art is both a physical therapy and playful experience as Hanniel turns to the canvas to explore meaning and integrate teachings into their being to share with all.


Hanniel loves colors, all of them, and tries to use them as much as possible. Sometimes they are compatible and sometimes they clash.


Though they always learn to coexist. This for Hanniel is also the practice of a spiritual leader - holding space - so that everyone can feel supported and part of the conversation. To keep the dialogue (and paint) flowing in such a way that everyone feels welcome.


Hanniel D. Levenson