Church Jumper PNT

Venetian Series

Church Jumper by Jumper Maybach

From the Venetian Series

Join the church that sees no hate.  Which one is that?

18" x 24"

Acrylic mixed media on canvas

This piece has the provenance of Villa Pisani National Museum exhibition 2014

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Seek LOVE, PEACE, and HAPPINESS, and watch HATE disappear forever®

Dhs. 24,233.00

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You must find the church that welcomes you with unconditional love.

Hate cannot be a part of acceptance. Always be aware that all individuals are sinners. Only god can free you from sin. Once freed you are not to pass judgement on anyone. Let God be the judge of everyone. Those individuals who judge are not truly free of their sin. Passing judgement is the highest sin. Church Jumper is a reminder of this passage.


Do you own a Jumper Maybach, yet?