Red Space PNT NYC

RED DOT Miami 2022

Red Space by Jumper Maybach

The end of the sun will cause expansion into Red Space.  Life is short.... enjoy...

30" length x 40"" height x 1.5" depth

Acrylic on stretched canvas.

Do you own a Jumper Maybach, yet?®

Seek LOVE, PEACE, and HAPPINESS, and watch HATE disappear forever®

Dhs. 65,244.00

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In approximately five billion years, our own sun will transition to the red giant phase. When it expands, its outer layers will consume Mercury and Venus and also reach Earth. Scientists are still debating whether or not our planet will be engulfed, or whether it will orbit dangerously close to the red giant sun.


Do you own a Jumper Maybach, yet?

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