Endless Asteriod Playground PNT

RED DOT Miami 2022

Endless Asteroid Playground by Jumper Maybach

Can't you see the asteroids moving and winding throughout the universe?

30" length x 40"" height x 1.5" depth

Acrylic on stretched canvas.

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Seek LOVE, PEACE, and HAPPINESS, and watch HATE disappear forever®


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Asteriods are the monsters of the universe.

In 2016, NASA launched the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft to study an asteroid near Earth named Bennu. After studying Bennu for a few years, OSIRIS-REx scooped up a sample of dust and rocks from the asteroid’s surface. Now, OSIRIS-REx is headed back to Earth! Its sample container will land in the Utah desert in September 2023. Scientists will then collect the container and examine the dust and rocks for clues about how planets formed and life began.


Do you own a Jumper Maybach, yet?

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