Be Seen, Be You
Be free
art, apparel & accessories for audacious humans
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You are audacious
  • Living into your truth takes guts.
    Bringing what’s inside out... matters.

  • You’re out to own the real you.
    No apologies.
  • You do. You are. You can.

  • When you own a Jumper Maybach, you belong to a meaningful movement working toward acceptance of all people.
  • Be released into a
    world of color and joy.
  • How do you show up?

    With Art as the sword.
    And fashion is the armor..
  • An invincible force of
    creative expression.

Meet Ben Workman & Jumper Maybach

Like many people who don't fit neatly into social norms, Ben Workman suffered bigotry and bullying for much of his life. Following a series of personal and professional tragedies, Ben experienced a spiritual and artistic awakening—and Jumper Maybach, his alter ego, emerged. More than a brand, Jumper Maybach is a movement. By bringing Jumper into your life, you're saying, defiantly and audaciously: This is me. And I belong.

With Jumper, you can bring what's inside out.

Ben's story is one of discovering self-love and finding acceptance as a gay man. But Jumper's movement isn't limited to the LGBTQIA+ community. Jumper is for anyone who feels misunderstood or judged, ostracized or isolated. Ultimately, Jumper is for everyone who wants to end hate and encourage justice, open-mindedness and love.

  • 1. Be seen

    Meet Jumper, and see yourself in his story. Recognize, maybe for the first time, your own identity and value.

  • 2. Be you

    Wear or display Jumper proudly and live as your authentic self, unencumbered by who they say you should or shouldn't be.

  • 3. Be free

    When you own Jumper, you belong to a meaningful movement working toward acceptance of all people.

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