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Apparel by Jumper Maybach®

The Jumper Maybach apparel line is inspired by the original paintings of the artist.  Experience style and sophistication by sporting these exceptional pieces.


As a natural successor to Abstract Expressionism, Jumper Maybach’s paintings embody the incendiary and explosive passion that characterized the truly American movement. Born of the nuances in trauma and healing, Maybach’s works are weighted. The profound expression of both tragedy and healing is highly resonant and their sweeping beauty is undeniable. Works such as Can't Fix Stupid, Jumper's Hug Constellation, and The Cotton Candy Series represent the spontaneity, the frenetic joy and the subversive messages swaddled in childlike expression that distinguish Jumper Maybach’s unique style of painting. These are the qualities that link him so clearly to the great American tradition of spontaneous abstraction, with Art Dubai dubbing him the ‘The 21st Century Jackson Pollock’.