Red Dot Miami 2023

Jumper Maybach Returns to the Red Dot Miami Art Fair 2023 with explosive New Art from his latest collections. 

Be sure to check us out at Booth #502!

December 6 - 10, 2023

Wed: 5pm-9pm | Thurs-Sat: 12pm-8pm | Sun: 12pm-6pm

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Fine Artist Jumper Maybach triumphantly returns to Red Dot Miami 2023 represented by the formidable Winstone Wall Gallery. He has expanded his critically acclaimed Astral series with an extraordinary collection of new artworks. Many of the pieces from the series have enjoyed robust sales and garnered new collectors worldwide. Jumper is premiering this latest work at Red Dot 2023 and considers it the most important to date, stating “the newest additions to my Astral series reveal the organic evolution and visual growth of my art practice. I continue to explore themes and dimensions that are deeply personal and meaningful: sacred spaces, the importance of belonging, and the intersection of time, space, and love.” Among the new works are signature large scale pieces entitled “Universal Spirit”, “Sacred Systems”, “Solar Soulfire”, and more. These new pieces and the remaining works in the series will be available for acquisition at Red Dot Miami 2023, and on the Jumper Maybach®️ and Winstone Wall Gallery websites.

Check Us Out at Red Dot Miami 2023!

Jumper Maybach's Iconic Artwork will be available at the Red Dot Miami Art Fair 2023. Don't miss your opportunity to view and purchase artwork from Jumper's latest series', including his Astral Series. Also, don't miss your opportunity to meet Jumper Maybach in person as he unveils his newest artwork! Click the link below to go to the Red Dot Miami site and purchase your tickets today!


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