Contemporary Art Brand Jumper Maybach Announces Expansion with Six New Licensing Partnerships

Contemporary Art Brand Jumper Maybach Announces Expansion with Six New Licensing Partnerships

HOUSTON, Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- World-renowned artist and brand Jumper Maybach has signed new best-in-class partners to an ever-growing list of organizations that share the brand's mission of ending hate. Jumper Maybach is one of the most thought provoking and inclusive artists and brands of our generation. In the past year, the brand has partnered with six distinct companies in an effort to expand their product line across multiple consumer retail segments through the artwork, as well as bring new audiences to the brand and mission. These global partnerships offer a unique opportunity for brands to target new markets, expand their customer base, and work with a company which aligns with their vision.

All of the new products have been inspired by Jumper Maybach's abstract paintings which have been exhibited around the world, hanging in galleries and museums from Paris to Miami to Dubai. The artist's use of color and design brings a modern flair to the walls of any home or business and are now available as wearable art and soft goods.

The Jumper Maybach brand is excited to announce partnerships with the following brands: BIG LOViE, Ahdorned, OPR Eyewear, V. Fraas, Ioconic and Proformmat. The partners have all begun production of their Jumper Maybach lines of products and items are currently available for retail, launching now through September 2022.

"These partnerships represent a remarkable way to expand the vision of my mission," states Jumper Maybach. "Their goals are much in line with my own. I am totally honored to be working with such amazing people as we share a pursuit to end hate, intolerance, and bullying."

In 2013, Jumper Maybach held his first gallery show, which ultimately led to exhibiting at Art Dubai. It was there that the Artist received a documentary film deal and was dubbed the "Jackson Pollock of the 21st Century". Shortly after Art Dubai, Maybach had the opportunity to exhibit 39 large pieces of work in Venice, Italy and was invited to exhibit his art at the Galerie Du Louvre in Paris. Jumper Maybach actively supports GLAAD, the Human Rights Campaign, the Matthew Shepard Foundation and the Trevor Project in addition to many other local and national charities.

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