Questions & Answers with Jumper Maybach - Kooness

Questions & Answers with Jumper Maybach - Kooness

As a natural successor to Abstract Expressionism, Jumper Maybach's paintings embody the incendiary and explosive passion that characterized the truly American movement. Born of the nuances in trauma and healing, Maybach's works are weighted. The profound expression of both tragedy and healing is highly resonant and their sweeping beauty is undeniable. Works such as Hate No More, Can’t Fix Stupid, Aliens of The Universe, and Red Rocket, represent the spontaneity, the frenetic joy and the subversive messages swaddled in childlike expression that distinguish Jumper Maybach's unique style of painting. These are the qualities that link him so clearly to the great American tradition of spontaneous abstraction, with Art Dubai dubbing him the 'The 21st Century Jackson Pollock'.

Q: Describe how art is important to society:

Jumper Maybach: In 2016: The Houston Chronicle had this to say about my work:

“The complexity within his art comes from within. Jumper is unashamed to teach the world a lesson in compassion. His art is a beacon for ending hate, bullying and intolerance in our world…and one cannot miss this in his work.”

Art is, has been, and always will be the chronicler of history. My Collectors have described a full range of emotions about the art itself, often remarking that it produces a powerful visceral reaction that never loses its impact. I also have been told that the messages inherent in the works are transparent in some of my Collections, yet other series provoke far more thought. This feeds my soul. And allows one to view the present and contemplate the future. That is the true impact of Art on Society. I imagined for myself a life in which understanding, acceptance, peace and the ultimate healthy transformation of an individual could be achieved. I envisioned my Artistic gift to be that beacon for society, and for societal betterment.

My art has allowed me to live my vision and for that I am beyond grateful.


Dark Matrix


Jumper Maybach. Dark Matrix, 2016. Courtesy of Winstone Wall

Q: What does your Art represent?

JM: That which has defined me as an individual has truly and unquestionably defined my art; providing a release for both my joy as well as my pain. I have become the storyteller of all: the chronicler of life as I see it… as it unfurls in my own head and consequently in my fine art and in my luxury brand creations. I am a self-taught Artist, and over many years and through intense maturation my artwork has evolved and has led to what I feel is an extraordinary body of work.

Q: Which art trends inspire your current work?

JM: I believe my work to be a natural successor to Abstract Expressionism: clearly the paintings embody the incendiary and explosive passion that truly IS ME…and those that have characterized the current American movement. When I paint…and in the solitude of my studio… I can feel the energy from my brush to the canvas…my mind processes the WHY….and it goes back to my life experiences…as can be expected. Trauma and healing, light and dark. I paint what I know: I paint what I feel.

Q: What Inspires You?

JM: Slam Dunk question for me. I am an Artist. I am also the Artistic & Creative Director of a major luxury Brand; all of which are inspired by my artworks. So…my inspiration? I get to get up each day and do what I love. Collectors see my work every day in their living and workspaces.

The world was just ready for my message and the core belief in a compassionate society devoid of hatred, bullying and intolerance. When I see my artwork is can be found in exceptional collections worldwide and is the cornerstone of a Museum installation…that….inspires me every single second of every single day.


Gold Galaxy


Jumper Maybach. Gold Galaxy, 2018. Courtesy of Jumper Maybach

Q:  How do you define success as an artist?

JM:  I define “success” on two levels. #1: I know I have remained consistently loyal to my truth and that translates to my artistic vision. In my process, literally putting my brush to canvas…and exploring new colorations, new messages, even new Icons that just become integral to the available works shown in Galleries and directly through my Studio: I can honestly express to you and to the world that Jumper Maybach is the artist living the art.

#2:  The social activism that is so essential to who I am in this Universe is undeniable, and remains the building block upon which I create my Art. My collected works grace first-class art spaces and spread my message of universal love and unconditional acceptance in the face of adversity. So I will continue to live my success:  to create my artwork for private collectors, corporate installations, museum collections, venerable galleries, and fine art collections globally. I am honored and I am grateful to be able to do so.

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