Relevant Secures National Media In Support Of Jumper Maybach’s Houston Exhibition “introspection: The Pride Series” Premiering June 1st In Houston As Well As Select Galleries Nationwide

Relevant Secures National Media In Support Of Jumper Maybach’s Houston Exhibition “introspection: The Pride Series” Premiering June 1st In Houston As Well As Select Galleries Nationwide

LGBT Artist Jumper Maybach Announces Nationwide Art Exhibition Celebrating Gay Pride

LGBT artist and philanthropist Jumper Maybach is set to unveil a timely and important new series of works celebrating PRIDE 2018. The series titled The Pride Collection: INTROSPECTION will be on exhibition and available for acquisition at several venerable Fine Art galleries throughout the United States beginning June 1, 2018. The Artist has been named the Official Artist of Pride Houston 2018, and will be exhibiting the works in Houston as well as select cities across North America. The works in this series were created by Jumper to show his love and support for the LGBT community in addition to all those taking part in the #MeToo movement. Jumper has been featured in major media platforms throughout North America and will continue to rise to national prominence as a fine artist. His celebrity Collectors include transgender rights activist Jazz Jennings, Edward James Olmos and a host of luminaries.

“This series of works is one of the most engaging and important of my entire career,” states Maybach. “I wanted to create something to show my ongoing love and support for my community as well as the courageous men and women partaking in the #MeToo movement. As a victim of workplace sexual discrimination, I felt it was my duty to stand up and express myself at this pivotal time in history. I want my art to be that beacon of hope that inspires others to stand up to ending injustices within society.”

Jumper was named the Official Artist of Pride Houston and will host a special event in conjunction with Pride Houston which will take place at his Houston gallery on June 15, 2018, from 6pm-10pm, with a portion of proceeds benefitting the organization. In the true spirit of philanthropy and giving back, Jumper will donate a portion of all proceeds from the sales of all artworks sold in the gallery of The Pride Collection: INTROSPECTION throughout the month of June back to the organization.

“PRIDE Houston is ecstatic to have this unique opportunity to collaborate with Jumper and The Pride Collection series,” states Jeremy Fain, Secretary of the Board of Directors for Pride Houston. “Jumper has done so much for our community and we’re looking forward to an evening where the community can come together to celebrate him. This exhibit and evening is going to be very special not only to our family here in Houston but to our family across the country and around the world.”

Jumper Maybach was born in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1963. He knew something special had taken place when his grandfather applied a white face on him the first time. It was then, within an instant that Jumper was born.

However, it wasn’t until a religious experience during a painful time in Jumper’s life which enabled his vision to fully take shape. Ben believes it is a person’s traumas that define the individual. He releases his joys and pain into his artwork, and thus becomes the storyteller of the creation. Jumper’s techniques are self-taught through intense experimentation leading to an end result: unique and representative of the artist. It’s about understanding love, peace and the ultimate healthy transformation of an individual.

The art is a constant evolution of color and complete abandonment of the paint. It is an unplanned performance that creates the extraordinary works. The complexity within his art comes from within. Jumper is unashamed to teach the world a lesson in compassion. His art is a beacon for ending hate, bullying and intolerance in the world.

Not long after Jumper began his career as an artist, he started to receive national and international recognition for his work. In 2013, Ben Workman held his first gallery show, which ultimately led to exhibiting at Art Dubai. It was there that the Artist received a documentary film deal and was dubbed the Jackson Pollock of the 21st century.

Shortly after Art Dubai, Jumper had the opportunity to exhibit 39 large important pieces of work in Venice, Italy in his largest exhibition to date. He created and curated a Venice series specifically for the show which also included a screening of the trailer to his documentary “The Jumper Maybach Story”. Another momentous career moment occurred when Jumper was invited to exhibit his art at the Gallerie Du Louvre.

For 2018, the coming decade, and for as long as he actively can with his artistic voice, Jumper will pursue his mission of ending hate, bullying and intolerance through his extraordinary talent.

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