World’s First Color Changing Candle Inspired by Fine Art!

World’s First Color Changing Candle Inspired by Fine Art!

Jumper Maybach® x Kromara® Candle have partnered to introduce the World’s First Color Changing Candle inspired by fine art.

Cleveland, Ohio: This week, Kromara® Candle officially will launch their newest luxury collection in partnership with renowned celebrity fine artist, Jumper  Maybach, inspired by magnificent artwork and combined with Kromara’s proprietary color change technology, Colorsine®. Their innovative Colorsine® technology allows candles to transform from one color to another and magically return to the original color. Many candle companies have tried and failed to develop this unique technology over the years, but they are the first to offer a wide selection of colors, sizes, styles, and fragrances to the market. The new Limited-Edition Jumper Maybach® Collection features three of the company’s premium custom blended colors and fragrances thoughtfully inspired and fully wrapped in the artwork of Jumper Maybach. Each candle has been carefully crafted, uniquely designed, and hand poured in the USA to magically entertain and delight customers year-round.

Once the candles have been thoroughly enjoyed, the vessels become beautiful pieces of art to be enjoyed and shared with friends. They are available on

Jumper Maybach x Kromara Collection

Jumper Maybach x Kromara Candles have designed a product, and packaging experience that delivers on the love, excitement and energy embraced by the artist and his mission, especially during Pride month, to “Seek LOVE, PEACE, and Happiness, and watch hate disappear forever®”. They are offering their candles for the first time to premium retailers throughout the domestic United States.

About Kromara Candles: Kromara® Candles is a brand of Kromara, LLC, an up and-coming magical candle company originated and operated in a small studio just outside of Cleveland, Ohio that also includes other candle brands such as Spectre® and Flame Fanatic®. Each specializing in the design of unique color change candles for their premium customers, using their proprietary Colorsine® technology.

They are focused on delivering uniquely driven brand experiences and the world's best color-changing candles to amaze and delight! The only candle that changes to another color and back again.

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