Everything Hamptons 2023

Jumper Maybach Returns to The Hamptons with explosive New Art, a fine-art inspired Mercedes, and a Pop Up.

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Fine Artist Jumper Maybach triumphantly returned to the Hamptons Art Fair with an extraordinary Collection of new artworks that enjoyed robust sales and garnered new Collectors. The Fair itself was attended by thousands, and, clearly, the Artists’ 2023 Hamptons Collection is one of his most important bodies of work, evidenced by this reference “The Artist has produced and exhibited a magnificent showcase for this Fair… and there is no denying the maturation of the Artistry and the careful Curation… spot on!” The remaining works in the Collection remain available for acquisition here on our website.


Car Wrap
Jumper Maybach "Red Rocket" Limited Edition Mercedes-Benz 

In keeping with his deep commitment to community, the Artist partnered with Mercedes Benz of Southampton to create the iconic limited edition “Red Rocket” MB EQE500: both a solid tribute to Southampton and an appreciative recognition of its distinction as an artistic & cultural destination. Mercedes Benz of Southampton hosted an unveiling of the gorgeous car, and it was a magical afternoon for art enthusiasts, car enthusiasts, and btw: this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own this limited edition EQE500 is available! 

Pop-Up Shop at Main Street’s Therapy Life & Style 

As in keeping with the tone of “Everything Hamptons”, the Artist made an in-person appearance at Main Street’s Therapy Life & Style, arriving “in-style” in the custom JM Mercedes… where his Collectors and fashion devotees sipped cocktails and browsed Jumper Maybach apparel and accessories to rousing & admiring oohs and aahs…

So… we wanted to keep all of our treasured collectors, customers and all of our new and returning loyalists the opportunity to be a part of our world… everything Hamptons is available right here! Be a part of the Jumper Maybach family of living beautifully.